10,000 GOP Ranchers Just Made Epic Move Against Trump’s Mexico Wall, It’s In Trouble [Details]

Republican President Donald Trump whipped Americans all across the country into a frenzy with his off the cuff campaign speeches at his rallies, during which he made a number of outrageous promises including building a border wall with Mexico.

Since getting elected, Trump has lost the support of many influential Republicans and conservative groups, simply due to the fact that his agenda items make little to no sense. A bloc of 10,000 conservative ranchers just made a powerful move, for example, to stop Trump’s border wall from getting built.

The Texas Wildlife Association (TWA) runs 40 million acres’ worth of ranches and leased hunting areas, and has around 10,000 members. This conservative organization recently made public its strong opposition to Trump’s planned border wall with Mexico. Explained the group’s Chief Executive David Yeates, “We just see so many problems.” He cited the fact that, among other things, the border wall would run through open ranch land and golf courses in Texas, and would cut through the state’s iconic Big Bend National Park. Continued Yeates, “If you take away access to the Rio Grande, you take away the water for 50,000 acres of irrigated farmland, not to mention the drinking water for cattle and migratory path for wildlife.” Stated Presidio County Republican Party Chairman Todd Beckett, “We’ve got a big, beautiful barrier, bigger than anything even Trump could build. There is not going to be a wall in Big Bend.”

An editorial in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram was even sharper about Trump’s lack of understanding of the practicality of building the wall due to Texas’s geography. Stated an article, “Only a president from New York could think we need to spend public money building a 30-foot-high wall where nature already built a 1,000-foot-high mountain canyon.” Elaborated Texan Lynne Weber, co-author of Nature Watch Big Bend: A Seasonal Guide, “We feel that the border needs to be kept secure via technology and manpower, not a wall. The construction of a wall would disrupt the very fragile desert ecosystem, one that is still recovering from ranching and overgrazing almost 100 years ago.” Are you glad these Texans are banding together to stop Trump’s stupid wall?


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