America’s Veterans Just Stuck It To Trump For Obamacare Repeal With Brutal Message

While President Donald Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress were celebrating the passage of their Obamacare repeal bill, many Americans were taking stock of how devastating an impact this bill, if signed into law, would have on their lives.

One of the groups most vulnerable to the changes mandated by this bill is America’s military veterans. In response to Trumpcare’s passing, veterans took swift action to tell Trump exactly how they feel about what he is doing to them.

If Trumpcare indeed becomes law, countless military veterans would lose health coverage, either from Medicaid funding being slashed or by being kicked off their Obamacare insurance plans. These needy veterans would then be forced to rely on the Veterans Administration for their healthcare needs, which would severely tax the already overburdened federal agency. Commented Democratic congressman Tim Walz, who is himself a veteran, “We were loud and clear about the disastrous impact AHCA could potentially have on millions of veterans when the bill was brought up for debate in March. Unfortunately, House Republicans never listened to our warning, and as a result, if this deeply flawed legislation passes as it is written, millions of veterans and their families could have diminished choice in where to seek care.”

Veterans’ advocacy group VoteVets made their position on Trumpcare abundantly clear as well, tweeting at House Republicans, “The plan cuts the tax credit that makes health care coverage affordable for veterans – and pushes them into the VA system.” Seconded a Twitter user, “@votevets To all the Trump voters who thought ACA only helped poor minorities: you just got hosed. Way to thank your veterans!” Added another, “@votevets When are we supposed to see him take ‘great care’ of the vets like he campaigned on? Vets are now a political tool used to get elected. 😑” Are you glad that veterans are speaking up against Trumpcare?

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