Bernie Just Went On TV And Publicly Tore Trump A New One, You’ll Cheer [Video]

Progressive icon Bernie Sanders is clearly not taking any time off from his efforts to protect our democracy from the coming horror that is the Trump administration.

Bernie recently appeared on Conan and made one of his most powerful statements yet about Trump.

Conan O’Brien started off by saying, “We thought that maybe if Trump became elected… the tweets would stop. He is tweeting regularly, and here is one of his latest conspiracy tweets, “In addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally” — what’s your take on that?” Responded Senator Sanders, “This is what is scary about it. When he says that, he’s really sending a signal to Republicans all over this country, Republican leaders, and what he’s saying is: “We have got to suppress the vote, we have got to make it harder for poor people, people of color, immigrants, elderly people, to participate because they may be voting against us.” And that’s scary stuff.”

When Conan asked Bernie his thoughts on Trump’s tweet stating that flag burners should go to jail and possibly face loss of American citizenship, Bernie stated, “Two responses to that. Let’s see, we have massive income and wealth inequality. We have 43 million people living in poverty. We have to deal with climate change which is threatening the existence of the planet. And he’s talking about three people who might burn the American flag. The second point there is a hidden message again. And that is be careful if you are prepared to dissent. What he is really saying is, “If you really want to dissent, be careful. It’s not just the American flag here, we’re watching you.” That’s what’s scary about that.” How much do you love Bernie for this? Watch below:




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