Breaking: New Evidence Emerges Suggesting Trump’s Lying About Fraud

President Trump is known for bending the truth and calling it an alternative fact. Trump’s pattern of not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth has made American lose whatever trust they had for the 45th President of the United States.

President Donald Trump’s unfounded claim that millions of people cast illegal ballots in last year’s election was one of the bigger ones.  This was no doubt in response to Trump losing the popular vote by 3 million votes. However, the evidence shows that it was just a lie.

In fact, according to HuffPo, a recent survey by the Brennan Center for Justice found that of 42 jurisdictions in 12 states, there were only 30 instances where non-citizens may have voted — out of 23 million ballots cast. 30 out of 23 million.

Furthermore, researchers from Brennan Center spoke with local election officials in 42 jurisdictions across 12 states and found there’d been only about 30 instances of suspected non-citizens voting.
In addition, a new survey of local election officials finds that it was extremely rare.

The HuffPo also reported that, in North Carolina, where 4.8 million ballots were cast, officials found just 41 suspected cases of non-citizens voting. 41 out 4.8 million.

Lynn Ledford, the voter registration and election director in Gwinnett County, Georgia, told the researchers. “Sometimes a voter won’t understand that they’re completing a voter registration application. They will come and self-report and explain their accident. Then we give them a confirmation in writing that they have been removed and take them off the rolls.”

Will President Trump finally admit that he made this whole thing up as an excuse for losing the popular vote?

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