Breaking: Trump Escalates Tension With North Korea By Being A Bully

Apparently, the strike on the Syrian airbase was just the beginning of this tyrant’s mission to start World War III.  Some say that the strike on Syria was too rash and that there are reasons why former President Obama avoided it.

However, Twitter may be the worst thing anyone could have ever given Trump. Trump seems to nonchalantly attack global leaders daily.  But maybe this very thing that could lead to his and Americas downfall.

Early Wednesday morning, President Trump took to Twitter to announce that the U.S may soon get involved with the conflict in North Korea.

Earlier this week Trump tweeted:

What kind of president uses social media to make these kinds of threats? Furthermore, does Donald Trump actually think these types of insults and this level of disrespect is a setting a good example for our youth? Shame on you, Donald Trump.  There are children watching, and you are telling them it is okay to be a bully.

Is this all party of President Trump’s plan to make America great again?

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