China Just Made Terrifying Announcement For Plans When Trump Is President, Holy Sh*t

President-Elect Donald Trump’s cabinet is now legendary for how deep it is with swamp creatures, including a treasury secretary who made hundreds of millions of dollars foreclosing houses, and a labor secretary who threatens his employees at Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. that he will fire them and replace them robots if they demand a living wage.

While Trump has been busy sucking up to his Slavic enabler Vladimir Putin in Russia, he made one prominent pick that has put China at high alert. He recently chose anti-China University of California, Irvine Professor Peter Navarro to be his trade adviser, and China is now warning of a “showdown with the U.S.”

The Chinese government recently wrote an editorial in state-run China Daily, saying, “Because it is so emotionally charged, populism can be easily guided for a purpose. One example of this is the campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump about how foreigners have “raped” the United States by “stealing” many of its manufacturing jobs. At the time, many Chinese were willing to laugh away such accusations against China as just more of the usual rhetoric-though more extreme-that has come to characterize presidential elections in the US. Now, however, there is real cause for concern as the president-elect has named economist Peter Navarro, known for his anti-China alarmism, as his trade adviser.”

It continued, “That individuals such as Navarro who have a bias against China are being picked to work in leading positions in the next administration, is no laughing matter. The new administration should bear in mind that with economic and trade ties between the world’s two largest economies now the closest they have ever been, any move to damage the win-win relationship will only result in a loss for both sides. Still, Chinese companies in the US should be on high alert to a more difficult business climate.” Do you think Trump is going to get America into huge trouble?

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