Chris Wallace Just Humiliated Trump’s Chief Of Staff On National TV, It’s Brutal

Trump’s Chief of Staff just really humiliated himself on Fox News on Sunday. In fact, Priebus actually try to defend the American Health Care Act that is headed to the Senate and well on it’s way to becoming a law.

Priebus tried to make it seem like the Republicans had done something positive for American people by repealing ObamaCare, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Fox & Friends Host Chris Wallace, asked Priebus what the president thinks of the Senate’s response to the AHCA, otherwise known as Trumpcare.
Many Senate leaders have indicated that are going to take their time to review it before they pass it.

However, Priebus’s tried to make it sound like the Seante were much more enthusiastic about passing the bill. “Everyone is excited and ready to go to work and take the time necessary to look at the bill [and] make improvements where they need to be made… I think that everyone is committed to getting this thing done,” Priebus said.

Wallace asked Priebus about the allegation that millions of people could see their healthcare charges skyrocket, or lose healthcare altogether.

Wallace asked Priebus, “Given all of that, can you really stand by the president’s pledge that everybody will be taken care of?”

“Yes,” Priebus said.

Priebus claimed that there really aren’t that many people who could lose their healthcare should the bill pass.

Wallace then reminded him that millions of Americans could lose their healthcare. Moreover, the elderly could pay multiple times more for health coverage and, according to Wallace, the CBO estimated that 10 million people could lose their healthcare in one year under under Trumpcare.

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