CNN’s Don Lemon Got Drunk On Live TV, Made Shocking New Year’s Admission, It’s Hilarious

CNN’s Don Lemon clearly had a very bad 2016. Most Democrats and people with any common sense did, too, as they had to bear witness to bigoted, senile for reality TV star Donald Trump actually get elected (!) to the American Presidency.

Don Lemon clearly did not let 2016 get in the way of having a good time during CNN’s New Year’s Eve celebration broadcast, as he got drunk on air and revealed some things he possibly shouldn’t have. The internet loved him for it.

Three hours before midnight, Lemon and associated began drinking at a bar in New Orleans. Commented co-host Brooke Baldwin at the time, astutely, “This is way too early to start this.” Later, Lemon announced that he was either going to get a tattoo or a piercing. Kathy Griffin, who served as co-host with Anderson Cooper, urged him to pierce his nipple. An increasingly drunk Lemon clearly embraced the idea, as he started to take his shirt off before Baldwin and Cooper intervened and stopped him. Instead, Lemon got his ear pierced on air.

Lemon then bared his soul about his relationships, and pledged to not be “as self-centered” in the new year. Asked Baldwin, “Are we going there, right now?” Later, Lemon said, “People are saying that I’m lit. Yeah, I’m lit. Who cares?” People on Twitter cheered Lemon on. Said one user, “Don Lemon is hammered on CNN and talking about how he is in relationships, so far 2017 is going way better than expected.” Said another, “Drunk Don Lemon is my spirit animal.” Continued another with a great suggestion, “CNN is crazy. Don Lemon should have a weekly show where he drinks and tries to host 3 hours of programming.” How much do you love CNN for this epic New Year’s broadcast?




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