Dan Rather Has Brutal New Nickname For Trumper Climate Change Deniers, “They’re _______”

Celebrated CBS anchor Dan Rather may be in the final phase of his journalistic career, but he is clearly not done with his legacy. Rather refuses to stay quiet in the face of Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda, and has been boldly speaking up to hold Trump accountable.

One of President-Elect Trump’s most harmful stated priorities as our country’s nominal leader is to turn back the environmental protections that his predecessor Obama put in place, which Rather feels is truly crazy.

Rather recently made a cutting post on his Facebook page in which he reveals exactly how he feels about Trump and his fellow delusional climate change deniers. Wrote Rather, “I think at this point, we can stop calling them climate change deniers. Reality Deniers is closer to the truth. A few years back, I traveled to the famed Northwest Passage, to report on how climate change might eventually melt the icy blockades which had thwarted explorers for centuries. Well “later” seems to have become much sooner than scientists expected.”

In his post, Rather linked to a New York Times article which warned, “A spate of extreme warmth in the Arctic over the past two months has startled scientists, who warn that the high temperatures may lead to record-low ice coverage next summer and even more warming in a region that is already among the hardest hit by climate change. In mid-November, parts of the Arctic were more than 35 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the observed averages, scientists said, and at the pole itself, mean temperatures for the month were 23 degrees above normal. Although conditions later cooled somewhat, the extreme warmth is expected to return, with temperatures forecast to be as much as 27 degrees above normal beginning Thursday.” Do you agree with Dan Rather?


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