Female Vet Annihilates Trumper GOP To His Face Over Obamacare Repeal, It Went Instantly Viral

Now that 217 Republican members of Congress buckled under President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan’s pressure and passed the Trumpcare bill, many of them will be vulnerable to getting voted out by angry constituents in 2018.

One of these Republicans is Rep. Tom Reed of New York, who recently found out at a town hall how deeply upset the residents of his district are at the bill he helped pass. A female veteran stood up and called Rep. Reed out, and her speech condemning his vote went viral.

The constituent stood up at the town hall in the New York town of Busti, and identified that she is a U.S. military veteran. Said the woman to Congressman Reed, “I am a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and I have single payer. It has saved my life four times. There is no profit in single payer. We have to get the profit and that is why you’re here. You’re talking about tax exemption and property tax relief. These are human beings. We have bodies, we have minds. We are not property taxes. That’s how you boil everything down, into money. We are not money, we are a nation.”

Rep. Reed attempted to brush off the veteran, saying, “I appreciate your belief that you believe the government can take care of this for all of us…” The woman cut Reed off, however, and continued, “The government doesn’t take care of it, they just do the bookkeeping. The VA health care does the bookkeeping, just like the insurers do…the insurers do bookkeeping for a profit [she pointed to the crowd] on your back, on your back, on your back. The VA does bookkeeping on mine, my behalf. I’m a veteran and everyone here deserves single payer health care now.” Are you happy this courageous woman spoke up? Watch the full clip below:

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