Foreign Policy Expert Sarah Palin Announces Trump’s UN Secession Plan, “Trump Will Lead _____”

Former Vice Presidential candidate once claimed that she had foreign policy experience because she could see Russia from her house in Alaska, which is ridiculous and false at the same time.

Since rabble-rousing media titan Palin can’t resist an opportunity to step into the limelight, she recently interjected herself into the recent controversies about the United Nations and Israel with some very bizarre observations and plans.

Said Palin on Breitbart Radio, advocating for the United States to completely change course and separate ourselves from the United Nations, “I think many of us have called for America to really step up and consider what it is that we are funding and supporting via the UN, and how it works so hard really against U.S. interests, and just saying — look what the U.K. just did.” Then she urged Trump “to call for the unshackling of the political bands tying us to the UN,” stating, “By exiting the UN, where injustice is actually rewarded, we then will be able to uphold America’s reputation as the leader, and as the kind and compassionate and generous nation that we are — as the nation sharing values that, when emulated by any other nation, can bring justice and equal rights to any other nation.”

She then attempted to rally the American citizenry to action, saying, “It’s our government. It’s our money funding the lion’s share of the globalist circus. It’s We the People needing to rise up and make this a part of the revolution that we have just so benefited from.” She then said something about immigration that was largely incoherent: “It’s almost laughable, if it weren’t so dangerous, that the Left now is so obsessed with national borders, obsessed with Israel’s borders. Their defense of what they have just done, in stabbing Israel, is based on their supposed desire to see borders enforced. Since when? They never have seemed to understand the concern that we have, nor the purpose of a nation’s borders. They don’t care about America’s porous borders continuing as is.” Do you think Sarah Palin was the proto-Trump? Listen below:



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