Former CIA Director Humiliates Himself During Hearing, The Senators’ Response Is Priceless

During Monday’s Senate hearings on Russia’s interference in the 2016 Presidential election and President Trump’s involvement, former CIA director James Clapper said, “unclassified is not leaking.”

Apparently, Clapper doesn’t understand what Reuters pointed out in an article while back. Everyone with a security clearance should know about leaking information. And his response’s to the Senate were laughed at because they were so unbelievable.

During the hearing, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) asked Clapper:

‘Gen. Clapper, have you ever leaked information, classified or unclassified to a member of the press?’

To which Clapper replied,

‘Not willingly or knowingly, as I said in my statement.’

Kennedy then reiterated the question, “Classified or unclassified?”

The entire room burst into a laughter after his response,

‘Well, unclassified is not leaking.’

Even Kennedy had trouble keeping a straight face. Kennedy asked,

‘Have you ever given information to a reporter that you didn’t want to have your name connected with but you wanted to see it in the paper?’

“No, I have not,” Clapper said. Although, not matter could hear him over the Senators’ laughter.

Kennedy should be sorry for not focusing more on the former CIA directors knowledge of Trump/Russia involvement. However, Today, Clapper was laughed right out of the hearing. While it is interesting that a man with as high of a security clearance as a former director of the CIA wouldn’t leak any information. However, clearly, Clapper’s definition of “leaking” is different from the Senate Committee’s.

Watch the as the Senator start laughing at Clapper’s response:

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