Fox Host Slams Reince Priebus To His Face, “Older People Are Going To Be Paying 5 Times More”

Failed casino developer and vodka manufacturer Donald Trump made countless over-the-top promises to American voters during his campaign, and more than 60 million Americans foolishly believed him.

One of snake oil salesman Trump’s many pledges was that, when he repealed Obamacare and replaced it with something “better,” no American would lose their health insurance. This is, of course, clearly not going to be the case if Trumpcare gets enacted into law. However, that did not stop Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus from appearing on Fox News to perpetuate that lie. Thankfully, Fox News’ Chris Wallace called Priebus out on it.

In defending the House bill and the massive harm that it would cause poor and working class Americans, Reince used the argument that the final bill will be vastly different from the one passed in the House. Said Priebus to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, “It’s up to the Senate to make improvements if they’re to be made. Everyone is excited and ready to go to work and take the time necessary to look at the bill. No one’s going to be beating down their door.” He also attempted to reassure Wallace that the bill provided states with “billions” in coverage so that people will not lose their coverage.

Responded a clearly unconvinced Wallace, “Eight billion dollars over five years.” He also pointed out how the Congressional Budget Office estimated that 24 million Americans would have lost their coverage by 2024 with the last Trumpcare bill. When Reince asserted that the CBO has been “wrong before,” Chris shot back, “That is not taking care of everybody like the president promised. You’re rolling back Medicaid, older people are going to end up paying five times as much or even more.” Replied Priebus, “That’s the old bill.” Retorted Wallace, “But that part of it stays.” Are you glad that some anchors at Fox News are calling Trump and his associates out on their overt falsehoods? Watch the full exchange below:

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