“Go F*ck Yourself”, Maher Unloads On Radical Libs Who Think Hillary Is The Same As Trump

There were many reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election to attention-seeking buffoon Donald Trump, but one of the main reasons was clearly the ambivalence a segment of liberals felt toward the Democratic party’s nominee.

Much like some Trump voters, many of these anti-Hillary purists are now feeling remorse for what they allowed to happen. HBO host Bill Maher recently took these anti-Hillary liberals to task in a scorching rant.

Commented Maher, “Those liberals, who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary because she was the lesser of two evils — quite a bit lesser, wouldn’t you say, now?” Maher stated that the reason he wanted to address this was so that Democrats can win the next election, not so that he could defend “my great love for Hillary that never was.” Maher explained, “That begins learning the difference between an imperfect friend and a deadly enemy.” He mentioned how Edward Snowden tweeted prior to the election, “2016: The difference between Donald Trump and Goldman Sachs.” Maher took stock of all the people from Goldman Sachs Trump has ended up employing in his administration, quipping, “The only people he hasn’t hired from Goldman Sachs is Goldman and Sachs.”

Continued Maher, “If Hillary was president now, would we be turning the clock back on the one issue on which there is no more time: climate change? Would we have to wonder if our president’s fascination with dictators is foreshadowing a coup here? Would we ever have to wonder if she was Putin’s b*tch? And instead of trying to kick millions off health care to pay tax cuts for herself, she would be trying to raise her own taxes to get more people covered. She wouldn’t be complaining, ‘It’s complicated! Who knew?’ She knew.” He added, “Just wait until the 5 to 4 decisions start rolling in. Then maybe you’ll join me in saying to the liberal purists: ‘Go f*ck yourself with a locally grown organic cucumber.’” Do you agree with Maher? Watch his full segment below:

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