GOP Rick Wilson Implores Republicans To Jump Off “Mindless, Soulless Trump Cult Train”

Republican strategist Rick Wilson is one of the few prominent Washington, D.C. conservative thought leaders who has consistently spoken out against Donald Trump, first in Trump’s role as an upstart presidential candidate running a disturbing campaign and now as our incompetent and dangerous sitting Commander-in-Chief.

Following the shocking ouster of FBI Director James Comey, Rick Wilson implored his fellow conservatives to finally abandon Donald Trump before it is too late.

Wrote Wilson in a multi-part Twitter blast, “I know this will be like a fart in a hurricane, but I’m going to beg my fellow Republicans, particularly those in elected office to take this seriously. Which of you will show the moral courage to stand up, speak out, and say that this moment is where you get off the mindless, soulless Trump Cult Train? Which of you will say that Trump has given you everything you need to move forward with an actual independent investigation? Which of you will call Trump’s firing of Comey what it is? It’s a clear attempt to stop the investigation of Trump. This is where you can either stand for the rule of law or for a rampant cover-up.”

He continued, “You know full-well this has nothing to do with Clinton’s emails, and everything to do with a desperate attempt to stop the investigation into Trump’s Russia ties.If you can live with this level of compromise of our government, so be it. If you’re one of the clickservative shills fellating Trump on a daily basis, continue dropping your panties. Get dat Mercer $$$. Conservatives should believe in the rule of law, not simply executive fiat. Remember when we *hated* that hauteur in Obama? You can’t pretend this isn’t serious, consequential, and dangerous to the Republic. History will be a harsh judge. Publically [sic] pro-Trump member of the House texts, ‘This shit stinks.'” Do you think Republicans will take his advice?

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