Jared Kushner’s Family And Chinese Associates Made A Terrifying Attack On A Reporter [Details]

Shady real estate developer Donald Trump has settled so comfortably into his new gig as President of the United States that he and his team, which includes two immediate family members, is hardly even pretending to not be openly corrupt any more.

A Beijing-based researcher named Congcong Zhang who works for the Washington Post just recounted the altercation that took place with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’s people when she attempted to cover an event where the Kushner clan was using their White House access to attract business funding.

Senior White House advisor Jared Kushner’s sister Nicole was in Beijing for an event where she was soliciting investments in her family’s Kushner 1 real estate development in the United States. Nicole candidly boasted about Jared’s close relationship with the current U.S. president and with the Kushner 1 company. Nicole also stated that Chinese investors in the New Jersey project could be granted U.S. visas in exchange for investments at the right level. Members of the press who tried to report on the event were ejected from the premises, in some cases by use of force.

Recalled Zhang about what happened to her, “I was threatened, harassed and forced to delete recordings and photos of The Kushner family recruiting Chinese investors in US Green cards.” When people asked about her welfare, she stated, “Thanks everybody for the support and concern. I am safe and well.” She then continued, “People from the Chinese company that works with the Kushners on the investment visa surrounded me and grabbed my shoulder. They tried to force me to leave, then grabbed my phone. I could only get it back if I agreed to delete all recordings and videos. My phone was not connected to a VPN at that time so saving to Google drive was not possible because of Chinese internet controls.” Do you think Jared Kushner needs to be forcibly removed from the White House?


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