Just In: Legislation Introduced That Has Trump Running Scared, He Can’t Hide Anymore

Even after much debate, President Trump still refuses to release his tax returns like so many President’s have done before him. In fact, every President for the past 40 years has naturally provided copies of their tax returns. The People have a right to know if their president is hiding any conflicts of interest.

However, a bill has just been introduced that may force Trump to release his returns.

That’s right. New York Democratic state senators have just introduced legislature that will force the President to present his tax returns for the past five years online.

According to CNN,

One state Senator ho supports this bill called Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public Act [TRUMP Act] is Sen. Brad Hoylman.

‘The tax experts I’ve spoken to think we’ll get a good snapshot of what’s on his federal form.’

University of Chicago Law Professor Daniel Hemel who inspired Hoylman to introduce his bills  told CNN Money:

‘Trump would almost certainly bring a constitutional challenge to any law requiring him to disclose his [federal] tax returns as a condition for ballot access, and it is far from clear that these laws would hold up in court. But publishing Trump’s state tax returns is a much more viable option — and would make his returns available to the public now, rather than three years from now. The Republican control of the senate is nominal. I wouldn’t rule out this happening by any means. Public support is widespread.’

Watch the introduction of the brilliant bill below. Will we finally get to see those returns? What is Trump hiding?

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