Leaked White House Memo Reveals Multi-Million Dollar Cuts To Crucial Budget, You’ll Cringe

While on the campaign trial, President Trump vowed to fight the opioid epidemic that is plaguing America. According to one study, 25% of all drug overdose deaths were related to heroin in 2015.

According to CNN, just weeks before election day, Trump said,  “We will give people struggling with addiction access to the help they need. We want to help those who have become so badly addicted. This is a total epidemic and I think it is probably un-talked about compared to the severity we are witnessing.”

However, the memo released outlining the 2018 budget cut revealed that was another blatant Trump lie.

The draft memo provided to CNN by a source details how the Office of National Drug Control Policy will receive a near 94% cut in 2018, from a $380 million budget to $24 million. Can you image the effect this will have on the heroine epidemic?

One White House official commented, “The budget process is a complex one with many moving parts. It would be premature for us to comment — or anyone to report — on any aspect of this ever-changing, internal discussion before the publication of the document. The President and his Cabinet are working collaboratively to create a leaner, more efficient government that does more with less of tax payers’ hard-earned dollars.”

The left argues that the plan is a “cruel betrayal by Trump.” Daniel Wessel, the spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, said:
“Throughout the campaign, Trump promised communities ravaged by opioid addiction that he would come to their aid.  That was a lie.”

Dr. David C. Lewis, the founder of the Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies said it best when he said, “If you cut off even the essential funding for people to get that treatment, they simply won’t get it.”

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