Obama Just Caught Trump Doing Something Massively Illegal [Details]

It is surprising to nobody with any common sense that wannabe dictator Donald Trump is already breaking laws in his attempt to seize as much power in the federal government which he will soon unthinkable control.

Unfortunately for Trump, Barack Obama is still our President. He and his sharp-eyed Secretary of Labor recently caught Trump committing a massively illegal act, and are holding him accountable for it.

Trump and his transition team have, according to reports, been engaging in a “witch hunt” targeting government workers in departments that he will be attempting to close or reduce. For example, he is demanding names of workers within the Department of Energy who are working on programs to reduce carbon emissions. Stated Perez bluntly to CBS, “Those questions have no place in a transition. That is illegal. Will dedicated career people be targeted because they were doing the right work?”

Added Perez, “The letter to the Energy Department has led to a group of Democratic senators calling for an investigation into the legality of the request. As reported in The Hill, nine Democratic senators sent a letter to the independent Office of Special Counsel, stating that the Energy Department request seems to have ‘violated long-standing federal laws designed to protect civil servants against coercion for partisan purposes,’ and requesting an immediate review. We are alarmed by the requests in the Energy Department questionnaire because they strongly appear to be motivated by partisan political purposes, which are forbidden by [the law] and are therefore impermissible actions by transition officials.” Are you alarmed by Trump’s attempt at a government purge?

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