Oh Sh*t, Prince Charles (!) Just Trashed Trump For How Psycho He Is, It’s Unprecedented

When a new American President is elected and is preparing for the transition to power, it is customary for members of the british monarchy to send cordial greetings for the President-Elect as a token of friendship between the two close nations.

Prince Charles of Wales, heir to the British throne, felt compelled to sidestep this convention when he recently uttered a dire warning about President-Elect Donald Trump’s upcoming rule.

Targeting Trump, Prince Charles stated that anti-immigrant populism has “deeply disturbing echoes” of the mass murder of the Jews at the hands of Hitler’s Nazi Party during the Second World War. Stated Charles on BBC Radio 4, his parent’s generation “fought and died in a battle against intolerance, monstrous extremism and an inhuman attempt to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe. That nearly 70 years later we should still be seeing such evil persecution is to me beyond all belief. We owe it to those who suffered and died so horribly not to repeat the horrors of the past.”

Added Charles, “We are now seeing the rise of many populist groups across the world that are increasingly aggressive to those who adhere to a minority faith. All of this has deeply disturbing echos of the dark days of the 1930s.” Prince Charles urged kinship with all peoples in the face of Trumpism and the Brexit movement, saying, “I wonder if this year we might remember how the story of the Nativity unfolds with the fleeing of the holy family to escape violent persecution. And we might also remember that when the prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina he did so because he too was seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship.” Are you glad Prince Charles is using his position to speak up? Watch below:




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