Paul Ryan Completely Humiliates Himself On Live TV, It’s Epic

House Speaker Paul Ryan has finally convinced the House Republicans to pass the American Health Care Act. But with that act came a lot of negative attention and criticism. That’s right. As it turns out, when you strip millions of Americans of health care coverage, people tend to view that as negative.

However, that hasn’t stopped Ryan from trying to defend the bill’s passage. In fact, in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Ryan disclosed that he tired of the criticism and actually tried to defend the AHCA yet again.

Stephanopoulos actually quoted Ryan with comments the Speaker himself made in 2009 regarding passing bills before they’ve been read.

‘I don’t think we should pass bills that we haven’t read and that we don’t know what they cost. If you rush this thing through before anybody even knows what it is, that’s not good democracy.’

Stephanopoulos replayed the clip for the dumbfounded Speaker and added,

‘A lot of your members have conceded they didn’t read the bill. There wasn’t a single committee hearing or committee markup on the finalized version of the bill. There wasn’t a CBO analysis of this bill. So have you met your own standard here?’

Ryan was flustered and replied,

‘Yes, I think this is a kind of a bogus attack from the left…The bill has been online for two months. The final version was an amendment that was three pages long. It takes you 30 seconds to read.’

Watch the uncomfortable interview below.

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