Political Artist Nails TrumpCare With Epic Cartoon, Now It’s Viral

One illustrator just summed up all the gross injustice of the American Health Care Act in one sad political cartoon.

Last week, the House Republicans passed a bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Thus, stripping health care coverage from millions of Americans.

Illustrator and writer Courtney Privett posted her response to the “cruel and deadly” bill in the form of the above cartoon.

The picture features a woman holding a protest sign reading, “I am a human being.” Medical conditions such as anxiety, cancer, HIV and sexual assault survivor are scrawled across her body and face. An elephant’s trunk pops into the frame, along with a speech bubble reading: “Human being? All I see is a pre-existing condition!”

Under the image, Privette expressed her personal thoughts on the American Health Care Act.

“I’d hoped that we’d never regress back here. No one should have to choose between death and remaining alive but being unable to afford to live. PPD, sex assualt [sic], domestic violence as preexisting conditions shames the population into potentially fatal silence via financial blackmail.

Pre-ACA and before I got married, I was declined by every insurance carrier I applied for except for one, which wanted to charge me more money than I was earning. The first exclusion cited: knee arthroscopy, which was necessitated by a freak accident that dislocated my knee. Anything can be cited as a pre-existing condition, and under the proposed plan used to box you into a lifetime of medical debt.”

She elaborated on her views in an email to the HuffPost. 


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