Republican Congressman Blasts Fellow Conservatives And ObamaCare Repeal As “Irresponsible”

Last week, the House Republicans voted to pass the American Healthcare Act, which President Trump said, “make no mistake, it is a full repeal and replace of ObamaCare.” And then Republicans later celebrated. But some fell that their celebration was premature.

In fact, Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher said that the Republicans were “irresponsible” for celebrating the passage of the heinous act.

Gallaher said,

“The Democrats were singing on the House floor, singing on the House floor after the vote.  They were celebrating the vote going forward because they feel like it allowed them to get an electoral advantage and, honestly, the Republicans who went to celebrate at the White House — I disagree with that approach.”

Gallagher continued, “What are we celebrating? We haven’t passed a bill into law. The Senate’s gonna re-write this thing. I’ve never seen the Packers pop the champagne at halftime. I just think that’s irresponsible. And so I just would urge both sides to just lay down the traditional kind of political weapons if we can because this is a really complex topic and we need serious people working together to fix it.”

The Congressman explained, “I think for one, they’re taking a look at the House bill and they’re seeing where they can fix it and improve and so I’m not sure how much the President’s statements are impacting that process. I would be surprised if they’re impacting them at all. But it’s not helpful to suggest, you know, that we wanna get a single payer system.”

Will the bill get completely re-written in the Senate?

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