Somebody Just Dubbed Over Trump’s Victory Speech With A Lispy Voice And It’s Hysterical [Video]

There have been a number of hilarious dubbed-over videos of celebrities. Finally, President-Elect Donald Trump got the same treatment, and it is a classic.

A YouTuber took Donald Trump’s South Carolina victory speech, just one of countless in which he took everything personally, and gave him a different voice.

Explained “Donald Trump has become known for his distinct oratory style (among other things) while campaigning for president this year. But what if Trump spoke with what is stereotypically considered to be the “gay voice”? What would that sound like? Thanks to YouTuber Peter Serafinowicz, you no longer have to wonder. He recently took Trump’s victory speech in South Carolina and dubbed Trump with a lispy and colorful ‘gay voice’, turning Donald J. Trump into Donald Gay Trump.”

The results are interesting, to say the least, and add whole new shades of meaning to Trump’s comments, such as “You know Henry, right? The lieutenant governor of South Carolina,” Trump’s fabulous stereotypical gay voice said. “I will take him over the governor anytime because we won. We won.” Trump has been notoriously against gay marriage, with the following well-reasoned, intellectually strong explanation: “I’m against gay marriage. I just don’t feel good about it. I don’t feel right about it. I’m against it. I’m opposed to gay marriage.” What do you think of Trump’s brand new voice? Does it suit him? Watch below:


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