“That’s Absurd!” Robert Reich Just Destroyed Trump Advisor To His Face Over Trumpcare [Video]

Trumpcare-backing conservatives have been pushing the narrative that Trump and Paul Ryan are saving Americans from the evils of Obamacare, which they contend is failing.

One of Trump’s economic advisors recently appeared on CNN to spread this nasty lie on Trump’s behalf, and former labor secretary Robert Reich succeeded in dismantling his entire argument.

Trump surrogate Stephen Moore made the claim that Obamacare is harming Americans, citing the fact that some insurers are pulling out of the program as proof. Said Moore, “I believe with greater competition you could have — cover everybody in this country. This is what the Republican bill aims to do at a much lower cost so it’s affordable.” Moore also argued that working class families can’t afford the growing costs of healthcare. Said Moore, “I don’t believe, Anderson, that Obamacare on the current path, is not sustainable. You’ll have tens of millions of people losing their health insurance under the current system because the costs are so high.”

Reich finally had enough and slammed him, saying, “Steve, you said a moment ago that a lot of people are suffering a hardship under Obamacare, under the Affordable Care Act. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Twenty million people, or 24 million if you believe the Congressional Budget Office, would have lost their health insurance because of the former Republican health insurance. Those subsidies kept up with the increase in premiums. Health insurance costs are going up all over the country, even for people not on Obamacare.” Are you glad that Reich set this Trump surrogate straight? Watch the full conversation below:


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