Trump Just Hired Cheesiest Televangelist Ever To “Pray” With Him At Inauguration, You’ll Crack Up

The pathetic ongoing saga of the Trump team’s near-complete inability to find marquee talent to perform at Trump’s inauguration has been well-documented in the press recently.

What hasn’t been fully covered is the fact that Trump has been having an equally difficult time filling out other ceremonial roles in his inauguration. It seems that Trump is so toxic, he’s even having difficulty finding reputable Christian ministers to pray with him at the event. He ended up turning to a very shady character to fill that spot.

Trump tapped a minor-league Florida televangelist named Paula White to be his designated prayer buddy at his inauguration. Trump has apparently known White for years, and she was actually willing to go on the record to stump for Trump’s “faith,” telling Politico, “I can absolutely tell you that Mr. Trump has a relationship with God. He is a Christian, he accepts Jesus as his Lord and savior.” Trump apparently saw her on the television one day and called her out of the blue, telling her she was “fantastic.” Added White, “Over the years, that [relationship] grew stronger and stronger. I was in New York for many years. He has a very open-door policy. If I was in town, [he’d say], ‘Hey Paula, come by, hang out with friends, family.’ He’d allow me to sit in his office, be a part of his life, his world.”

Paula White is neither well-known or well-liked, even within colorful evangelical Christian circles. Commented evangelical leader David Lane, “I don’t know who she is, I don’t have any contact with her, I’ve never met her, never talked to her; the most prominent her name has been is, she’s tied to Trump. She can’t move evangelicals.” Added Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore, “Paula White is a charlatan and recognized as a heretic by every orthodox Christian, of whatever tribe.” Is it troubling that Trump surrounds himself on every level with such disreputable people?

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