Trump Just Took Down His Own Surrogate Newt Gingrich In Batsh*t Tweet, It’s Trumper Civil War

Near the end of failed casino magnate Donald Trump’s quixotic and successful Presidential campaign, he stressed that one of his goals if elected would be to “drain the swamp” in Washington

Trump has since, in all-too-predictable fashion, entirely broken that vow by appointing a clubby murderer’s row of billionaires and flat-out crooks to his cabinet. Hardcore Trumper Newt Gingrich recently made an attempt to walk back the whole “drain the swamp” idea, with disastrous results.

When Gingrich was asked about the “drain the swamp” phrase on NPR’s “Morning Edition”, the astute, savvy Gingrich commented, “I’m told [Trump] now just disclaims that. He now says it was cute, but he doesn’t want to use it anymore. Maybe he feels that, as president, as the next president of the United States, that he should be marginally more dignified than talking about alligators in swamps.” This was pretty good spin that Trump certainly should have bought into, considering what he’s actually been doing as President-Elect. Trump would have none of it, however, and lashed out at Gingrich on Twitter, “Someone incorrectly stated that the phrase “DRAIN THE SWAMP” was no longer being used by me. Actually, we will always be trying to DTS.”

In truly pathetic fashion, Gingrich was then obligated to put out a video abasing himself with a mea culpa about his realistic statement regarding Trump’s lack of swamp-draining. Said Gingrich, toeing the delusional Trump party line, “I want to report that I made a big boo-boo. I talked this morning with President-elect Donald Trump and he reminded me [that] he likes “Drain the Swamp” and I mischaracterized it the other day. He intends to drain the swamp… And so I want all of you to know, I goofed. Draining the swamp is in, [and] the alligators should be worried.” How much do you love watching Trump and his biggest supporters duking it out over the stupidest things? Watch below:



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