Trump Makes Genuinely Bizarre Post About Pres Who Died After 32 Days In Office, Is It A Clue?

Our impulsive, soft-headed President-Elect Donald Trump has gained worldwide infamy for the way he tweets out whatever brain droppings come into his head, particularly in the very early hours of the morning.

Said Trump back in 2012, already established in a familiar pattern, “Some really dumb blogger for failing @VanityFair, a magazine whose ads are down almost 18% this year, said I wear a hairpiece — I DON’T!” We actually elected this person, who just dropped perhaps his craziest tweet ever

In a move that defies any attempt at explanation, Trump and his team tweeted out the following message via the TrumpInaugural handle: “Our ninth president, William Henry Harrison served the shortest presidential term in history at just 32 days. #MAGA #TrumpInaugural” Harrison refused to wear a coat outdoors to give his acceptance speech, and ended up dying of pneumonia.” The internet has been hard at work trying to figure out what on Earth Trump (or his staff) meant by that incredibly random and ominous tweet.

Wrote user caulkthewagon, “@TrumpInaugural lmao, are you trying to tell us something here? Why would you even tweet this?” Seconded blogdiva, “Y’ALL CANNOT BE THIS CLUELESS @TrumpInaugural either you know something we don’t know, or y’all share Trump’s impulsive projection problems.” Legal scholar Laurence Tribe may have some insight, according to a report: “Constitutional law expert Laurence Tribe argues that Trump is set to become ‘a walking, talking violation of the Constitution’ if he doesn’t give up his businesses. ‘From the very moment he takes the oath, he will be violating a provision of the Constitution that he takes an oath to uphold every minute of every day,’ said Tribe, a professor at Harvard University. It all comes down to the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which forbids elected officials, including the president, from accepting gifts or profit from a foreign government.” Do you think Trump will serve the shortest Presidential term in our country’s history?


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