Trump Mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway’s Chilling Statement On TrumpCare Will Give You Goosebumps

Ever since the campaign trail, Trump has promised his voter base to repeal and replace ObamaCare. On Thursday, the House Republicans made a grand stride towards that goal and passed the American Health Care Act.

Essentially, being a Republican has become synonymous with being a greedy elitist as they tend to put money before the well being of everyone in America. Then we have shameless Trump mouthpieces like Kellyanne Conway.

In fact, Conway appeared on Fox & Friends and further showed just how evil she really is. When asked about TrumpCare leaving millions of Americans uninsured, Conway said,

‘Look, it’s easier to jeer from the cheap seats than come up with a message of your own and be honest about the facts. How did we get here? Why have so many Americans asked for Obamacare to be repealed and replaced? It’s because you have premiums that have increased by 40 percent on average.’

That’s right. Conway said, “Jeer from the cheap seats,” which is a direct and disgusting attack on America’s poor.

Conway continued,

‘You know, saying people are going to die — and the enablers in the mainstream media not calling out those breathless, heartless predictions, and going right on to prognostication for 2018. Why in the world are we talking about who is going to win in 2018 when the duty of the mainstream media, of news reporters, is to tell you what’s actually in the bill, not to allow others to scare.’

Should Conway be ashamed?

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