Trump Trashes American Media, Praises Russia In Twitter Meltdown, Holy Sh*t It’s A Nightmare

Our mandate-free President-Elect Donald Trump appears to be going all in on defending Russia and Vladimir Putin at all costs against every American organization that is simply stating the obvious that Russia interfered with our election.

As part of this risky strategy, in which Trump is positioning himself as the least patriotic American President ever, Trump has been lashing out at everyone in sight who doesn’t agree with his factually incorrect point of view. Recently, he went over the top in a ridiculous attack against CNN and NBC, while praising Fox News.

Wrote Trump on Friday via his favorite mouthpiece Twitter, “Russians are playing CNN and NBC News for such fools – funny to watch, they don’t have a clue! Fox News totally gets it!” He was clearly irked by a critical NBC News report that simply documented Trump’s most recent bizarre tweet, in a feedback loop of sorts. Said the article, “President-elect Donald Trump gave Vladimir Putin two thumbs up Friday for not immediately retaliating after the U.S. expelled 35 Russian diplomats and imposed other sanctions for allegedly interfering with the presidential election. Trump tweeted his approval after Putin rejected his foreign minister’s proposal to give American diplomats the boot as payback. ‘I always knew he was very smart,’ Trump tweeted.”

That was apparently enough to make our next President blow his stack. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have condemned Putin in opposition to Trump. Commented Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff regarding Trump’s earlier tweet, “Putin IS smart. Knows he can get much of what he wants from @realDonaldTrump through little more than flattery. Sad, and dangerous.” Added Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, entirely breaking with Trump (while cleverly shifting responsibility to Obama), “ is not our friend & clearly has not yet dissuaded them from attempting to breach our cybersecurity systems.” Do you find Trump’s alliance with Putin deeply unsettling?

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