Trumper Alex Jones Has Live Meltdown, Launches Insane Theory About Trump Assassination, It’s Nuts

President-Elect Donald Trump has, unsurprisingly, some crazy supporters. But high on the list of the most unhinged is surely Alex Jones, proprietor of alt-right conspiracy site and program “InfoWars.”

Jones predictably buys into whatever narrative the Trump campaign puts forth, and so he got firmly behind Trump’s denials that Russia hacked the 2016 Presidential. Then Jones took it one “yuge” step further.

On a recent show, Jones asserted that the CIA’s report “…could be used inside government to trigger emergency systems under COG (continuity of government) that if a major leader like the president is actually a foreign agent they can then reportedly be taken out.” He continued, “And so to have the bold move of implying that a president-elect is being manipulated and controlled by the Russians is a very, very serious telltale sign that they could be thinking about bringing in outside mercenaries or other agencies to actually try to assassinate the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, before he even gets into office. Because remember: They are incredibly desperate right now.”

Added Jones later, “This is the most intense important alert I’ve ever put out. I was sure of this last week. I contacted the proper parties. I have run this intel up a lot of important, informed flagpoles. And they all concur that there is a plan – which we now see is quite evident – to try to steal the election from the American people and Donald J. Trump. So, they are panicking. But they are arrogant. And it’s the CIA that has become a rogue government even according to JFK. Rogue elements at the CIA are planning to assassinate Trump if they can.” Do you think Trumpers like Alex Jones have lost touch with reality? Watch below:



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