“Where The Hell Were Those Democrats?” Kellyanne Conway Blames Left For TrumpCare

It was likely hard for top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway to keep a straight face during a recent television appearance. Or perhaps she is used to lying by now.

We thought we were rid of the Conway when she was caught blatantly lying to the American people and thus coining the term “alternative facts.” However, she’s back and she’s as dumb as ever.

Recently she spoke about the House voting to rob millions of Americans of health care.

Conway told Fox News, ‘Where the hell were those Democrats when veterans were dying waiting for care? I didn’t see them coming on tv with hosts that just sat there listening to them and their screed when there were veterans dying for care who deserved better.’

However, any basic Google search will yield a result for times when the Democrats have argued for more funding for vets. One example is when former President Obama said “it’s time to give our veterans a 21st-century VA,” before saying how he was going to try and bring that about. Obama outlined policies ranging from paperwork reductions to the “largest single-year increase in VA funding in three decades.” That was back in 2009.

Conway continued with her alternative facts.

‘People say he wants to run for President in 2020; you can’t run for President scaring people and going on tv with no host asking you to produce any evidence whatsoever that such death and destruction are going to befall people.’

Watch the entire fiasco below. The fact that Conway is blaming the left for TrumpCare’s effect on vets is a joke.

‘Where the hell were those Democrats… by sarahburris

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