Woman Reveals Hilarious, Terrifying Story Of Her Date With Trump In The 70’s, It’s Nuts

Lucy Klebanow is a well-regarded essay writer for Salon. Unluckily for President-Elect Donald Trump, Klebanow still has vivid memories of a date she went on with the aspiring casino bankruptcy filer.

Klebanow harbors no positive feelings towards Trump, romantic or otherwise, and detailed just what went down on her nightmare date with The Donald.

Said Lucy, “So I met a nice guy through friends at the bar and he asked me for my telephone number. He called me the next day and asked me out… I lived in a building with a doorman who called me on the house-phone to say my date was here. I locked and went downstairs expecting to see a guy standing out front with his hands in his pockets looking sheepish. Instead there was no one. Just a white Cadillac convertible. My date leaned over and said, “Hop in.”’

She added, “The check came but the restaurant didn’t take credit cards. My date couldn’t pay for the dinner. This was the first thing I could relate to all evening… [I] always had bad-date, worst-case-scenario, awkward-situation, get-home money. [Trump] was stunned and embarrassed. I said, “Let’s get aprons and do the dishes. It would be fun.” His face was horror-stricken. He was flustered. Relax, I have the money. Oh, thank God. He swore he’d pay me back tomorrow so many times that I thought it not likely. He never did.” Do you think that Lucy Klebanow is horrified that this same guy is going to be our President?

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