Women Brewers Just Made Hilarious Anti-Trump Beer To Protest Inauguration, “It Will Knock _____”

Any woman with a shred of self-respect could not have been left unaffected by President-Elect Trump’s recorded words about how he likes to grab women “by the pussy.”

Some women brewers at Goldspot Brewing in Colorado decided to stick it to Trump in a powerful (and delicious!) way, by crafting their own brew with a name that says it all.

Goldspot just announced that they will be creating an imperial saison which they have decided to call Makin Noise: a Pussy Riot Beer. Stated Brewer Bess Dougherty, “Was this sparked by his election? Yes. But in the end, it’s about groups who will be at risk under this administration, groups that are already under attack.” She added, “We felt it necessary to take action and decided to use our art to make our voices heard. We are coming out in support of those most at risk in our community and doing what we can to stand together as a united voice against hate and intolerance.”

Wrote the female brewers, “This beer works to combat the hate and oppression while also lending support and solidarity to the fight for equality,” the organizers wrote. “We believe in this beautiful community, and we feel it is necessary to work together to protect it.We believe in an America that celebrates its diversity, an America that protects and supports anyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender, identity, race, religious views or immigration status. We condemn the hate that has always existed against marginalized groups, and we will not stand for the new strong wave hitting our country.”Added Doughtery about Makin Noise: a Pussy Riot Beer, which registers between 8 and 9% alcohol by volume, “It will look like a delicate beer, but it will knock you on your ass.” Are you excited for these brewers’ anti-Trump beer?

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