“You Can’t Win The Triple Crown Unless You Win The Kentucky Derby,” Tom Price Makes Chilling Comment On TrumpCare

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price praised the passage of the American Health Care Act, which Trump said after the legislation passed the House of Representatives on Thursday, “make no mistake, it is a full repeal and replace of ObamaCare.

However, Price did say about the bill being advanced to the Senate, that it was an “important first step” but key things need to happen before “repeal and replace” becomes a policy reality.

Sec. Price said on “Fox & Friends”:  “It’s an important first step in this legislative process.” The Kentucky Derby is coming up — you can’t win the Triple Crown unless you win the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is coming up — you can’t win the Triple Crown unless you win the Kentucky Derby.”

He’s right. The Amerian Health Care act still has a way to go before it is the law of the land.  Price was then asked about the bill’s effect on individuals with pre-existing conditions.

“Well, it’s pricing for what individuals’ health status is. That is important to appreciate. Somebody’s going to pay for health coverage for the American people and the question is, how do you do that?”

Price said, “it is important to stress once again, individuals with pre-existing illnesses and injuries and conditions, they are going to be covered. The President has made that commitment. This bill that passed through the House yesterday will make certain that is the case.”

About the next steps for the bill, Price said,

“I understand (the Senate) will take the construct of the House bill. They have to go through, I understand, the Byrd path, the rules in the Senate make it so they have got to determine what in the House legislation can stand. Then the senators have to engage.”

Will the bill pass the Senate?

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